Catastrophic Loss Response
(Contact: Jeffrey M. Pincus

The members of our Catastrophic Loss Response Team have extensive experience in the immediate handling of catastrophic losses due to trucking accidents, major fires, explosions, mechanical failures, building collapses and other disasters. Our team of experts has a rapid response system in place with a 24-hour, 7-day-per-week emergency contact plan to ensure round-the-clock coverage. The Catastrophic Loss Response Team is comprised of Lewis Johs partners Fred Johs, Tom Dargan, Jeff Pincus, Jason Katz, Dan McCally, David Fink and Claudia Boyd, and representation includes the following areas: Our team is technically trained to quickly respond to the scene of an accident, take the lead, and work with local fire marshals and law enforcement officials to ensure safety and minimize liability exposure. While on the scene, we make thorough evaluations and begin determining all possible causes of the accident. Even at this early stage, our seasoned Catastrophic Loss Response Team starts developing a defense or recovery strategy. Collaboration with Experts & Other Professionals Drawing on our close relationships with forensic experts throughout the nation, Lewis Johs can immediately retain and transport the necessary mechanical engineers, accident reconstruction experts, cause and origin specialists, and any additional consultants to the accident site within hours of the occurrence. The entire team remains under our close direction throughout the investigation and proceedings. In certain cases, we must also appoint public relations professionals to manage media inquiries and develop a crisis management plan. Contingency Planning At Lewis Johs, we feel that it’s best for certain types of businesses and entities to have an action plan in place for the proper handling of these types of emergencies, and we aid our clients in the development and implementation of these plans and crisis response protocols. This approach greatly improves the operations and procedures of our clients in the event of a catastrophic situation. To obtain a copy of our Catastrophic Loss Response Manual or our After Hours Emergency contact directory, please contact Thomas J. Dargan at or Jeffrey M. Pincus at They can also both be reached at 631-755-0101.

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