Eileen Libutti and Jennifer Frankola Secure Funding for 7 year old boy with Autism to attend a private school for children with Autism with afterschool Applied Behavioral Analysis and related services at home

M is an adorable and strong willed 7 year old boy from Queens diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (“PDD-NOS”) – a disorder on the Autism Spectrum, significant gaze avoidance, echolalia, behavioral deficits, sensory disorder, and speech delays. As a result of his unique challenges, M has significant delays in reading, writing, math, speech, gross and fine motor skills, activities of daily living, behaviors, and social/emotional development. He requires an intensive therapeutic education placement program with 1:1 Applied Behavioral Analysis (“ABA”) as well as other services and interventions including speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy that are tailored to meet his individual needs.

M’s parents contacted Lewis Johs Special Education Group for help navigating the IEP and impartial hearing process. Attorneys Eileen Libutti, Jennifer Frankola, and Margaret Cowley guided M’s parents from the beginning IEP meetings, assisted with various school searches, and eventually through 8 days of impartial hearing. As a result of their diligence in practice, detailed, step-by-step guidance, and ardent representation during meetings and hearings, the NYCDOE was ordered to fund M’s full time day program at a Manhattan based private school for children with Autism as well as 10 hours of afterschool home ABA services, and afterschool speech therapy, OT, and PT in a sensory gym. The NYCDOE was also ordered to provide specific monthly parent training and counseling to M’s parents by a board certified ABA therapist. M has already shown great progress in this program and we look forward to seeing his continued success in the future.


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