Attorney Teri Scotto-Lavino Successful in Obtaining Summary Judgment

Teri Scotto-Lavino is successful in obtaining summary judgment for a Neurologist in an action brought against multiple doctors and an acute care facility.

A Supreme Court Judge was persuaded by Teri Scotto-Lavino that summary judgment was warranted for a neurologist named in a law suit brought against multiple doctors and an acute care facility.

This case was brought by the daughter of an 83 year old gentleman, on anticoagulant therapy, who developed behavior and mentation changes over a 2 month period. The decedent’s primary medical doctor referred him to our client neurologist. This neurologist documented a thorough history and performed physical, neurological and mental state examinations and ordered many laboratory studies in order to establish a differential diagnosis. After appropriate testing, the neurologist diagnosed the decedent with a benign brain tumor.

After the radiological diagnosis, the decedent returned to the neurologist in follow up. At the time of the visit he exhibited mentation changes and evidence of a fall with head injury. After examination the neurologist effectuated a direct admit to an neurosurgeon at an acute care facility. In the emergency room radiological imaging documented the tumor and a small hematoma. The hematoma did not require surgical revision. Blood thinner reversal was performed resection of the tumor was performed more than a week later. Five days after the surgery the decedent suffered cardiac arrest and expired.

Plaintiff, daughter of the decedent, alleged that the neurologist failed to timely evaluate, test and diagnose the decedent’s condition, failed to order appropriate consultations and failed to immediately discontinue the patient’s anticoagulant therapy.

Ms. Scotto-Lavino offered the court evidence that the represented doctor, a neurologist, treated the decedent appropriately during two office visits and when necessary transferred the decedent directly to an acute care facility for neurosurgical treatment.


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