LJAA Attorney, Amy Pincus Attends AIPAC Annual Conference

Attorney, Amy Pincus recently attended the AIPAC annual meeting and convention. This is the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee which hosted over 18,000 delegates. The AIPAC Policy Conference is an annual event, held in Washington, D.C., that brings together leaders, activists and citizens of all faiths and partisan political parties. The focus is to highlight the importance of the symbiotic relationship between Israel and the United States. Amy attended several conferences, one of which was a small panel of freshman members of Congress, including Long Island’s Kathleen Rice. Kathleen Rice is the United States Representative for New York’s 4th congressional district. This panel was led by AIPAC political director, Robert Bassin.

The crisis in the Middle East only emphasizes the strategic importance of Israel; the only democratic nation in the region. In Israel; Jews, Arabs, Christians and Muslims live together on a daily basis. In one small area, you can encounter orthodox Jews while walking in the footsteps of Jesus, all while hearing the Muslim call to prayer. It is a unique democracy. Speakers of this conference included senators, congressman, military personnel from both the US and Israel and world leaders; all discussing the path to peace in the Middle East.

In an unusual turn of events, Israel and their Arab neighbors are being brought together due to terrorism and they are starting to work together to defend against a common enemy.

Noted dignitaries in attendance were: Joe Biden, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Paul Ryan, House majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, House Democratic Whip, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, among many ot



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